How to style authentic kora sarees?

How to style authentic kora sarees?

Saree is a traditional dress for Indian women. But when it comes to lightweight sarees, one can easily drape them on any occasion or also as a casual wear because one looks quite elegant wearing a saree.

They come in endless varieties with beautiful fabrics and wearing them gives a soft feeling on the body. When it comes to different varieties of sarees then silk is considered to be the epitome of grace and poise. One can make a dazzling appearance by wearing this. Pure silk sarees are very much favourable to women because of their breathtaking colours, eye catching motifs and of course sophisticated patterns.

The banarasi kora organza sarees are lightweight, delicate and they have either a printed or a plain weave pattern.They are not only easy to drape but they are light to carry as well. Pure kora sarees are available with designer pallus, vibrant colours along with gorgeous borders. They look stunning when one delicately drapes it on their body. One can easily flaunt them at any corporate gatherings, college meetings, casual outings and even festivals. These sarees are hassle free to wear and one can carry them easily throughout the day.

Ways to style a kora banarasi saree

The most crucial tip to glam up the saree style is by picking up the right saree and putting together the right outfits. Here are some ideas by which one can style an organza saree:

Selecting a Blouse

One should choose a perfectly fitted blouse which can define the style and personality. If one wants to look bold, then they can match their saree with a backless blouses and strapless padded bras. With unique blouse designs along with a gorgeous saree; no one can beat the game.

Picking a Drape Style

There are actually several ways to drape a saree apart from the traditional styles. Yes, the centuries old regional style can always work but to get a better outcome, one can always wear a saree shapewear to get the correct drape.

Finding Accessories

If one is draping a saree for an ethic party or a wedding then they must go for a pair of chunky earrings with organza sarees. Added with that, one can go for elegant bangles and a basic neck piece. This can provide one with some alluring charm.

Types of kora silks

When it comes to banarasi kora silk sarees, there are different types as well:

Hand-Painted Kora Handloom Saree

They have hand painted floral designs and a touch of charm and elegance. They mostly come in light colours and the patterns are perfect for summer parties and weddings.

Kora Silk Handloom Printed Saree

These sarees are quite trendy among women. They have lovely prints and a koras saree with a tussar silk border can make one look quite graceful.

Kora Silk Kadhwa Handwoven Banarasi Saree

They are pure kora sarees with borders and khadwa motifs. They look quite gorgeous.

When one is choosing a kora saree they must buy them from an authentic saree website.


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