EmSAT Test: Everything That You Need To Know  

EmSAT Test: Everything That You Need To Know  

Are you planning to get admission to the UAE(United Arab Emirates)? If yes, make sure that you are well-prepared for the emSAT exam. It’s indispensable to crack this exam, and you should know everything about it thoroughly. 

This write-up demystifies all the details of the EmSAT course, embodying all qualification criteria, career opportunities, the best training institute to reach out to, etc. 

EmSAT Exam 

EmSAT stands for Emirates Standardized Test required to study in UAE colleges. This test is mainly conducted to gauge the learning and skills of candidates of particular grades(1-4-6-8-10-12). 12th standard students give this exam to join the further colleges/ universities in the United Arab Emirates. 

The Exam Structure of the EmSAT Exam 

EmSAT exam examines the student’s knowledge of English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and chemistry. It entirely relies on the EmSAT score and whether you will study in the UAE colleges. Consequently, several EmSAT course providers have also come into the market, ensuring you crack the exam seamlessly with a good score. You can also connect with Knowledge Point Institute. Online and offline, both kind of training is available to them. Let’s continue with the EmSAT structure: 

  1. Math Section: The math section is associated with 60 objective-type questions. It has a fill-in-the-blank, multi-select, and drag and drops questions format. You’ll also experience the Arithmetic Geometry, Arithmetic, and several more 12th standard-based Maths concept. 
  2. Chemistry Section: The Chemistry section consists of 50 questions associated with the following topics: energy, force, conservation, and matter and its properties. 
  3. Biology Section: The Biology section is about 80 questions, and all are multiple-choice questions. This section covers Heredity and Genetic Technology, Evolution and Diversity of life, and Ecology. 
  4. Physics Section: The Physics section consists of 80 questions concentrating mainly on energy and conservation, force and motion, and Physics fundamentals. You can use the calculator in the exam if it is required. 
  5. English Section:  This section contains 110 questions associated with one essay of 250 words. The main emphasis is on Vocabulary, Writing, and Reading, and it also concentrates on fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, and drag-and-drop questions. 

So, we have furnished you with the EmSAT exam course details. We all know that studying the graduation from UAE is quite advantageous as it gives you several career opportunities, and you can quickly build a successful, rewarding career. 

Let’s Convert your Dream of Studying In UAE with Knowledge Point Institute

Knowledge Point Institute, a renowned institute in Dubai, has an in-house team of experts and professionals who helps you to build strong fundamentals of every topic you will encounter in the EmSAT. We provide you the professional EmSAT training in Dubai. We offer several courses like caregiver training, medical coding, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), etc. For more details, visit our website. 


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