When to Say Bye to Your Mattress? 

When to Say Bye to Your Mattress? 

Sleep is an important aspect that is accountable for your health and well-being. When you enjoy a good night’s sleep, your body heals and gets enough resources to function correctly. If you wonder about a reliable and comfortable solution to your wakeful nights, a quality mattress can be the one. 

You may overlook the symptoms that your Mattress needs to be replaced most of the time. If your Mattress fails to deliver the comfort you need, you must get a new and advanced mattress

Usually, a mattress lasts for 8-10 years if you take good care of it. However, some external factors influence the durability and lifespan of your Mattress. While all the mattresses eventually degrade, the quality mattresses are more likely to hold out for longer before it sags. 

You must recognize the signs of your poor Mattress and avoid the side effects of sleeping on it. Let us help you identify if your Mattress is old enough to replace or not. 

Signs and Effects of a Bad Mattress

Since you have been sleeping on your mattress for a long time, the warning signs of a poor mattress may not be evident to you. However, if you observe the following signs in your Mattress, it may be an indication for you to replace it immediately:

  1. Body Aches

You may consider waking up with aches and pains to be obvious, but your Mattress can be the cause behind it. When the comfort layers in your mattress break down, and you sink onto the firm support core, it creates pressure on points. A poor mattress gives rigid support to your body, and you fail to go for uninterrupted sleep. 

  1. Poor Sleep 

A poor mattress gives you restless nights, and you keep tossing and turning across the Mattress. Do you feel groggy when you wake up? If yes, it is the sign you end the life of your old Mattress. Moreover, if you wake multiple times at night or take longer than usual to sleep, you must consider replacing your Mattress. An interrupted sleep brings serious health hazards in the long run. 

  1. Sagging 

After their lifespan is over, all the mattresses sag, but some external factors cause them to sag earlier. An old mattress saggy Mattress fails to provide even spinal support, resulting in a high-pressure buildup in your neck and back. If you try to sleep on such mattresses, you feel sinking in, and the pain worsens. You don’t find a comfortable sleeping position the whole night. This may be an obvious sign that your Mattress must be replaced. 

  1.  Uneven Body Support 

The multiple layers of the Mattress collectively support your body to keep the back and spinal length in the proper alignment. If you keep resting on a poor mattress, it gives neck and body aches. 

While you choose to sleep on a quality mattress, it conforms to your body shape and encourages better body support with minimal sinking. Are you observing unstable support from your Mattress? You may bring a new mattress home to avoid waking up stiff and sore.

  1. Heat Locking In  

When you sleep on an ordinary mattress, it may lock in your body heat, giving your a jittery feel while you are asleep. The material used in the mattresses defines the ability of the Mattress if can regulate the temperature or not. 

When you have a mattress with a coil support core, it promotes airflow, giving you a relaxed sleep. Contrarily, a memory foam mattress is known to retain your body heat due to its formation. 

If you feel sweaty at night, you can go for the mattresses made with gel-infused. It helps you get airy comfort and regulate the temperature accordingly for your excellent and calm sleep. 

  1. Allergens Buildup 

When the mattresses are exposed for a long time for usage, it houses dust and allergens, and you don’t enjoy your bedtime. If you battle to sleep due to allergies at night, your Mattress can surely be one of the main reasons. 

Pro tip? You can use a washable mattress protector to reduce the allergens buildup and get an uninterrupted slumber. If you continue to sleep on such mattresses, you feel watery eyes, sinus pressure, and a runny nose. 

  1. The lifespan of the Mattress

Every Mattress has a defined age, but each Mattress tends to lose pressure-relieving and supportive capabilities. Improper care, more weight in the Mattress, and external factors draw down the life of your Mattress. It is essential to take care of your Mattress and feel comfortable in the new Mattress if the current one is not catering to your sleeping needs. 

What to do for a Well-rested Night? 

If the lifespan of your Mattress is over, switch to SmartGRID mattresses. Curious to know the features of the SmartGRID mattresses? Here are the features listed: 

  1. SmartGRID mattresses are made with a blend of TPE material and GRID technology which is durable and offers intelligent support to your body. Giving firm support to your back and spine, these mattresses welcome your head, arms, and shoulders for cushiony comfort.  
  2. SmartGRID mattresses don’t let your partner feel your movement when you toss and turn during your sleep, ensuring uninterrupted sleep. 
  3. These mattresses have 2500 air channels that regulate the temperature accordingly, and you get a cozy environment for a beautiful sleep. 

The Sleep Company – For Your Quality Sleep!  

Addressing the sleeping needs of the individuals, The Sleep Company has innovated an intelligent sleeping solution – SmartGRID Mattress. India’s first and only grid mattress gives pain-relieving comfort and refreshing mornings. 

Backed by a scientific approach, The Sleep Company has revolutionized the sleep industry with SmartGRID mattresses. 

Are you looking for luxe comfort while rejuvenating your body? Get the SmartGRID Mattress from The Sleep Company and enjoy the comforting nights.   


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