Background verification can be a formidable task for talent acquisition and management as it requires time and resources. It encourages organizations to welcome quality talent on board. 

Background verification assures companies to access the verified records of employees working in their organization. Moreover, employee background verification India validates the information asserted on their resumes, from educational qualifications to criminal history. Organizations must not neglect employment verification; otherwise, they encounter serious consequences. 

A diligent hiring process may test the candidates’ potential for the roles and responsibilities but could unknowingly conceal the applicants’ basic information. The statistics of many related surveys say that candidates may doctor their documents by providing false credentials and achievements. BGV is a convenient way to determine the wrong information and conduct a pre-employment check. 

Here are the risks to avoid by conducting pre-employment screening before bringing new hires into organizations:

  1. Hiring of Employee with Criminal Record 

In a survey conducted by the researchers from Kellogg and Northwestern University’s Pritzker School, individuals with criminal records are more likely to break the workplace code of conduct. 

Employees’ criminal history can be detrimental to the dignity of an organization, resulting in higher attrition. Organizations have all the rights to inspect the criminal records of employees. Hiring individuals with a criminal history may influence other employees, resulting in threats to workplace safety, low productivity, and financial losses to organizations. A background check is the best method to make a well-informed decision for a safe and secure hiring process in organizations. 

  1. Higher possibility of onboarding the wrong individuals 

The ability to get fake certifications of the skills and educational qualifications has increased the risk of hiring unqualified individuals. 1 out of 5 job applicants exaggerates the information on their documents to grab the job opportunity. This increases the chances of hiring the wrong employees in organizations with no skills and qualifications to fit the job profile. 

Using multiple methods, background service providers trace the records of the applicants; they may visit their past workplaces or academic universities. A background verification prevents companies from hiring the wrong individuals. 

  1. Safety risks in the work premises

If you overlook the background screening process, hiring individuals with a criminal record can jeopardize the safety of employees in an organization. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental, Health Administration, 9% of the illicit drug users are positioned either in full-time or part-time jobs. The drug user’s addiction impedes the performance and productivity in their job roles. 

When organizations conduct drug tests and criminal checks, it refrains the performance mishaps of employees and transforms the space into a better workplace.  

  1. Higher Attrition Rate 

If companies don’t perform an adequate background screening, organizations may have a higher attrition rate. Employees with irrelevant skills and qualifications may navigate past background checks and join an organization by presenting the wrong information. However, owing to the lack of productivity and inability for a specific job role, such employees fail to deliver on their goals in the organization and switch jobs frequently. 

Pre-employment screening focuses on bringing quality talent over quantity and ensures that you pick the right candidate from the talent pool. Getting ideal candidates in the organization cuts the cost of hiring new employees and boosts the organization’s productivity. 

  1. Challenge to the dignity of organizations 

Keeping up with the current social trends, many employees regularly maintain their social presence. If you suspect any unusual activity or claims during the hiring of the individuals, a background verification through social media handles may validate or allay your concerns. 

The behavior pattern on social media platforms help organizations understand the psychology of the job applicants. If any candidate is found linked to any fraudulent activities, it creates a threat to an organization. Moreover, the existing employees in an organization tend to get affected; it could create unrest and discomfort. 

Wrapping Up 

Background verification must be a mandatory process in companies. The process for running the background checks may be cumbersome for many small-scale or large-scale enterprises, but it filters the hiring quality in an organization. 

If you want to get skillful employees in organizations, let Repute take care of running comprehensive background checks. Using blockchain technology, they provide an advanced background verification process. If you are in the early stage of setting up your organization, relying on employee background verification companies in India can be a wise option. Repute enables a reliable background verification by automating the data authentication and prevents misconduct in the working environments. 


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