Amazing Advantages Of Using Baby Oil For Your Baby

Amazing Advantages Of Using Baby Oil For Your Baby

Baby massage is not a new thing for Indians and even has its roots in historical works of literature. Massage is more than a form of relaxation and has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It enhances blood circulation, helps get rid of toxins, improves digestive functions, and boosts overall well-being. 

Studies have revealed that massage has a wide range of benefits, right from gas or colic to sleeping disorders in babies. So, without further ado, let’s unpack some of the best benefits of newborn care at home like baby massage. 

Amazing Benefits of Using Baby Massage

Here are some of the main advantages of oil massage for babies dozens of various benefits. 

  1. Facilitates Weight Gain – According to studies, massage helps premature babies to gain weight faster than other premature babies who don’t get any. Also, newborns who have received the message have better motor skills and higher bone density.
  1. Lowers the chance of Jaundice – Infant massage reduces bilirubin levels, a common compound in the blood that causes jaundice. Giving regular massages to babies also effectively expels excess bilirubin from the body.
  1. Reduces Stress You won’t believe that parent touch reduces stress and lowers the blood pressure in babies. Touch causes endorphins to release that cause cortisol to drop, resulting in an increased sense of safety and security in babies, bringing babies to a more balanced state of well-being.
  1.   Romotes Sleep – The brain produces melatonin hormone in response to darkness and promotes sleep. A good baby massage lowers the cortisol level and stress hormone and stimulates melatonin production. 
  2. Relieves Gas or Constipation – Babies cannot burp because of the underdeveloped sphincter in their esophagus, and this causes gastric problems and belly discomfort. Effective massage helps get relief from constipation and gas. 
  1. Enhance Learning A quality baby massage indeed stimulates babies’ nervous systems and ultimately promotes learning skills.
  1. Improves Certain Conditions As massage therapy improves various health conditions in adults, it is also used for treating some health disorders, such as: –
  • Bulimia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  1. Strengthen Bond between Parents & BabiesOil massage builds and strengthens the emotional bonds between babies & parents. Moreover, massages help mothers with postpartum depression if they have trouble bonding with their babies. 

Bottom Line 

When babies are massaged regularly, they are less likely to be stressed and have little chance of health disorders. 

However, from dozens of baby massage oils on the market, you can use cold-pressed, organic massage oil by Little Rituals, which deals in the best oil for face massage and body massage. So, make sure to use the top-quality baby massage oil for your babies to give them better health. 


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